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One of my amazing story time families gave us an opportunity to explore life sciences this summer. Lucy, Micah, and their parents raise chickens in their backyard. Their mom, Callie, offered to talk about their egg collecting with the group, so we started planning a story time together.

Callie emailed me pictures of the family’s chickens, which I posted on my story room’s magnetic white board during story time. First I read Nancy Tafuri’s Five Little Chicks. Then I talked about some of the text and pictures in Where Do Chicks Come From? This non-fiction book comes from HarperCollins’ Let’s Read and Find Out Science series, which I highly recommend for the 3 and up crowd.

Once I was done with the books, I turned the floor over to Callie and Lucy. They talked about collecting eggs every day, and described some of the things they feed the chickens. Callie took some hard-boiled eggs from a basket to show the children. Then everyone at story time (and the very grateful library staff!) got to eat cookies made with eggs from the family’s chickens.

Callie, Lucy, and Micah, thank you so much for this special story time!

What We Learned:

Vocabulary: albumen, hatch, yolk

Background knowledge: where eggs come from

Science: life cycle of a chicken

More Books to Read:

Eggs 1 2 3: Who Will The Babies Be? Written by Janet Halfmann, illustrated by Betsy Thompson

An Egg Is Quiet Written by Dianna Aston, illustrated by Sylvia Long

First the Egg written and illustrated by Laura Vaccaro Seeger

Hatch! Written and illustrated by Roxie Munro

What’s in that Egg? A Book About Life Cycles Written by Becky Baines. With photo illustrations.